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Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Synthetic Leather

How to Clean Synthetic Leather Properly


1.Hand wash only, avoid soaking in hot water as temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius can damage the fiber structure of the base fabric.


2.Choose appropriate cleaning agents. It’s best not to directly use water for cleaning. Instead, purchase a specialized cleaning agent for Synthetic Leather garments, or use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water followed by rinsing with warm water. Avoid using gasoline for cleaning.


3.For oil stains on Synthetic Leather, use a damp cloth with transparent soap for a clean result. Synthetic Leather is not afraid of water, so keeping it clean is easy!


4.Avoid rubbing or colliding with hard, rough objects to prevent damage to the surface coating of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather coatings are relatively thin, so keep them away from high temperatures to prevent them from melting and causing unnecessary damage to you and your family.


Maintenance Methods


1.Avoid using gasoline for cleaning; instead, consider purchasing scented maintenance wax (similar to those used for sofas) and apply a small amount on a cloth (like the ones used for cleaning eyeglasses).


2.Avoid placing in high-temperature areas. Excessive heat can cause two objects to melt and stick together. Therefore, furniture should not be placed near fireplaces or radiators, and direct sunlight should be avoided.


3.Avoid placing in excessively cold areas. Low temperatures can damage leather furniture, create harmful odors, and be detrimental to health.


4.Avoid placing in damp areas. Excessive humidity can damage leather furniture, reduce its quality and durability, leading to unnecessary losses. Therefore, avoid placing synthetic leather furniture in places like bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


5.When wiping synthetic leather furniture, use a dry cloth instead of a wet one for better results.


The above are instructions on how to clean and maintain Synthetic Leather. We hope these methods can be helpful to you and your family, providing a healthy and enjoyable living environment. It’s important to carefully choose Synthetic Leather and learn its cleaning and maintenance methods for a better lifestyle.

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