Item NO: 000898-Chicago

Breathable Microfiber Leather

Item NO:000898-Chicago
Product NameBreathable Microfiber Leather
IngredientsPU: 45% Nylon Fiber: 55%
Surface and Base FabricPU + Microfiber Nylon
ApplicationOutdoor Shoes,Safety Shoes
MOQ500 meter/model/color
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      Breathable Microfiber Leather is an innovative ultra-fine fiber leather designed specifically for the production of outdoor shoes and safety footwear. This material, while maintaining cost efficiency, significantly enhances abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and folding resistance, thereby extending the product’s lifespan.

      Outstanding Abrasion Resistance:

      After more than 10,000 abrasion tests, abrasion resistance is improved by 40% compared to traditional microfiber leather.

      Under heavy-duty usage conditions, it exhibits remarkable abrasion resistance, effectively prolonging the lifespan of footwear products.

      Reinforced Scratch Resistance:

      After 5,000 friction tests, surface wear reduction reaches 80%, surpassing traditional materials.

      Scratch resistance is optimized, ensuring excellent appearance in harsh environments.

      Enhanced folding resistance:

      After 100,000 folding tests, it remains free of cracks and damage, with a 50% increase in folding resistance.

      Maintains good shape and structural stability even under frequent movement and deformation.


      Cost is only 50% of genuine leather of equivalent thickness, providing a high-value choice.

      Reduces production costs while maintaining high-quality standards, suitable for mass production.


      Outdoor Shoes: Provides excellent abrasion resistance and comfort, suitable for hiking and mountaineering shoes.

      Safety Footwear: Reinforces durability and protection, suitable for safety shoes in industrial and construction settings.


      Breathable Microfiber Leather stands out as the ideal choice in the manufacturing of outdoor shoes and safety footwear due to its durability, stability, and cost-effectiveness. This material not only enhances the lifespan and performance of products but also significantly reduces costs, offering unparalleled value for manufacturers and consumers alike.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm)1.4
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm)Warp Direction≥320
      Weft Direction≥170
      Elongation at Break(%)Warp Direction60%
      Weft Direction130%
      Tearing Strength (N)Warp Direction≥55
      Weft Direction≥95
      Peel Strength (N/3cm)≥70

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        Pursue comfort and economy together!

        Breathable Microfiber Leather, your ideal choice for outdoor shoes designed for the scorching climate of the Middle East. Not only does it maintain cost efficiency, but it also significantly enhances wear resistance, scratch resistance, and flexibility, extending the lifespan of your footwear. Choose us and experience the new standard of comfort and durability!

        Silky soft, breathability at its peak!

        Breathable Microfiber Leather, the new favorite for safety footwear. Tailored for the diverse climate of South America, this innovative material not only maintains cost efficiency but also dramatically improves wear resistance, scratch resistance, and flexibility. Whether on the construction site or outdoor adventures, choose us and feel the breathable and lightweight experience of our new footwear!

        The epitome of fashion and functionality!

        Breathable Microfiber Leather, helping you create stylish footwear for the European fashion scene. This innovative material not only holds a cost advantage but also significantly enhances wear resistance, scratch resistance, and flexibility. Infuse a touch of fashion into your outdoor shoes, choose us, and step into a new era of comfortable and stylish footwear!

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