Item NO: 000897-Discoverer

EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather

Item NO:000897-Discoverer
Product NameEconoVelvet Microfiber Leather
IngredientsPu: 45% Nylon fiber: 55%
Surface and Base FabricPU+ Microfiber Nylon
ApplicationSneakers,Casual Shoes
MOQ500 meter/model/color
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      EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather is an economical double-sided velvet-like microfiber leather material, distinguished by its unique plush feel and leather-like surface texture, making it an ideal choice for versatile applications. This product is particularly well-suited for footwear, garment accessories, luggage, sofas, and various other products, offering outstanding performance in terms of abrasion resistance, folding resistance, and tear resistance.

      Plush Feel

      High softness index of 4.5/5, providing a silky velvet touch.

      Leather-like texture for a comfortable user experience.

      Abrasion and Folding Resistance

      After 20,000 abrasion tests, the surface shows no significant wear, with abrasion resistance improved by over 30%.

      Flexibility tests indicate no noticeable wear or cracks after 100,000 folds.

      Tear Resistance

      Tear strength reaches 60 Newton per cm, a 40% improvement compared to traditional microfiber leather.

      Maintains excellent performance and stability under extreme usage conditions.


      Footwear Manufacturing: Suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes, etc., providing durable and comfortable shoe materials.

      Garment Accessories: Used for decorating and detailing high-end clothing.

      Luggage Products: Ideal for various bags, offering durability and an attractive appearance.

      Furniture Sofas: Suitable for covering furniture surfaces, such as sofas and chairs, providing durable and comfortable materials.

      Technical Specifications

      Material: High-quality microfiber.

      Abrasion Resistance: No significant wear after 20,000 tests.

      Flexibility: No damage after 50,000 fold tests.

      Tear Strength: 60 N/cm.

      Environmental Commitment

      Adopts environmentally friendly production processes to minimize environmental impact.

      Quality Assurance

      Stringent quality control ensures each batch of material meets high standards.

      Comprehensive technical support and customer service provided.


      Choosing EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather means selecting an economical material with outstanding plush feel, durability, and versatility. It is an ideal choice for manufacturing various products, offering a texture comparable to genuine leather and exceptional durability.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm)1.35-1.4
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm)Warp Direction≥500
      Weft Direction≥450
      Elongation at Break(%)Warp Direction100%
      Weft Direction200%
      Tearing Strength (N)Warp Direction≥80
      Weft Direction≥100
      Peel Strength (N/3cm)≥80

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        Soft as silk, environmentally superior!

        Welcome to explore our EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather – an economical choice with a velvety touch. Its unique fiber structure not only provides an ultimate sense of comfort but also prioritizes environmental friendliness. In the diverse climates of South America, our product showcases excellent breathability and moisture resistance, suitable for various applications. Choose us, harmonize with nature, and experience unparalleled softness!

        Explore the fusion of comfort and luxury!

        We take pride in introducing the EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather – an economical yet luxurious choice. Meticulous craftsmanship blends seamlessly with fashionable design, delivering a unique tactile experience and a stunning appearance. Our product showcases outstanding durability and sun resistance in the hot climate of the Middle East. Choose us and indulge in the perfect harmony of luxury and quality!

        Embrace the EconoVelvet Microfiber Leather, setting a new standard for fashion.

        Fashion extends beyond mere appearance; it is reflected in every detail.Meticulously designed, our product blends modern technology with classic texture, introducing a fresh leather experience to the European market. We are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled quality and style.

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