Item NO: 000922-Rivera

HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather

Item NO:000922-Rivera
Product NameHydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather
IngredientsPu: 30% Non-woven Fabric: 70%
Surface and Base FabricPU+ Needled Non-woven Fabric
ApplicationSneakers,Outdoor Shoes,Casual Shoes
MOQ500 meter/model/color


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      HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather is an innovative high-performance synthetic leather tailor-made for the exacting demands of professional footwear manufacturing. This cutting-edge material seamlessly integrates exceptional physical attributes with unparalleled water-resistant properties, rendering it the quintessential choice for sports shoes, safety footwear, and specialized professional footwear.


      Boasting a robust 1.4mm thickness, it delivers unparalleled durability and structural integrity.

      Peel Strength

      With a peel strength rating of 6 kilograms per 3 centimeters, it guarantees robust inter-layer cohesion.

      Tear Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Flex Resistance

      Exhibiting superior tear resistance, surpassing conventional materials.

      Demonstrating remarkable abrasion resistance, enduring 30,000 abrasion tests without discernible wear.

      Showcasing outstanding flex resistance, maintaining structural integrity even after 80,000 fold tests.

      Water Resistance

      Under real-world conditions, it showcases a hydrolysis resistance time exceeding 3 years, perfectly suited to diverse environmental exigencies.


      Sports Shoes: Elevates high-performance athletic footwear by endowing them with essential durability and comfort.

      Safety Footwear: Tailored for the rigors of industrial and construction sectors, offering heightened safety and longevity.

      Specialized Professional Footwear: Satisfies the unique requirements of specialized professions and environments.

      Technical Specifications

      Material: High-performance synthetic leather.

      Thickness: 1.4mm.

      Peel Strength: 6 kilograms per 3 centimeters.

      Tear Resistance: Surpasses traditional materials.

      Abrasion Resistance: No discernible damage after 30,000 tests.

      Flex Resistance: No structural damage after 80,000 fold tests.

      Hydrolysis Resistance Time: Over 3 years.

      Environmental Commitment

      Embracing eco-friendly production methodologies, we remain steadfast in our commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

      Quality Assurance

      Adhering rigorously to stringent quality control standards, we ensure unwavering product quality and consistency.

      Comprehensive Customer Support:

      Our dedicated team stands ready to provide comprehensive customer support and after-sales service, ensuring utmost satisfaction.


      Opting for HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather epitomizes selecting a premium-grade material that seamlessly melds innovative technology with unmatched durability. Apt for an array of professional footwear manufacturing applications, it delivers unparalleled longevity and enduring hydrolysis resistance performance.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm)1.4
      Grammage(g/m²) 570
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm)Warp Direction ≥400
      Weft Direction ≥350
      Elongation at Break(%)Warp Direction 40-100%
      Weft Direction 50-150%
      Tearing Strength (N)Warp Direction ≥45
      Weft Direction ≥40
      Peel Strength (N/3cm) ≥70

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        Reach new heights of durability with HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather!

        Designed specifically for high-performance footwear, this advanced synthetic material provides exceptional tear resistance and hydrolysis resistance. Perfect for sneakers and safety shoes in the industrial and construction sectors, it ensures unmatched durability and safety in South America’s demanding environments.

        Elevate your athletic performance with HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather!

        Engineered for demanding professional footwear, this innovative synthetic leather offers unparalleled durability and hydrolysis resistance. With superior tear and abrasion resistance, it ensures long-lasting comfort and safety in sports shoes. Choose excellence for your athletic endeavors in the Middle East.

        Step into the future of footwear with HydroResist MidPeel Sports Leather!

        Crafted for professional footwear applications, this high-performance synthetic leather offers superior durability and hydrolysis resistance. With outstanding tear and abrasion resistance, it meets the rigorous demands of sports shoes and specialized footwear in Europe’s diverse environments. Choose innovation and durability for your footwear needs.

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