Item NO: 001031-Alps

DenseTech Microfiber Leather

Item NO: 001031-Alps
Product Name DenseTech Microfiber Leather
Ingredients Pu: 50% Nylon Fiber: 50%
Thickness(mm) 1.8
Width(cm) ≥137
Surface and Base Fabric PU + Microfiber Nylon
Application Outdoor Shoes,Safety Shoes
Position Upper/Reinforcement
MOQ 500 meter/model/color
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      DenseTech Microfiber Leather is an advanced high-density microfiber leather material specially designed for crafting high-strength professional outdoor and safety shoes. Combining top-notch manufacturing techniques with high-strength physical properties, DenseTech Microfiber Leather meets the demands of the most challenging outdoor environments and work settings.

      Thickness and Strength

      Thickness ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 mm, providing additional durability and support.

      Tensile strength exceeds 500 kgf/cm², ensuring structural integrity in extreme conditions.

      Abrasion and Scratch Resistance

      Abrasion resistance test surpasses 100,000 cycles, demonstrating outstanding durability.

      Scratch resistance enhanced to maintain product appearance quality during long-term use.

      Peel Resistance and Flexibility

      Peel resistance exceeds 80 N/3cm, ensuring strong adhesion between layers.

      Flexibility tested with over 50,000 bends at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 23°C without damage.

      Environmental and Safety

      Low volatile organic compound content, complying with strict indoor air quality standards.

      Heavy metal content far below international safety standards, ensuring safe usage.


      Professional Outdoor Shoes: Provides necessary abrasion resistance and support for high-intensity outdoor activities.

      Safety Shoes: Offers additional safety protection in heavy industry and construction operations.

      Technical Specifications

      Material: High-density microfiber.

      Thickness: 1.8 mm.

      Tensile Strength: >500 kgf/cm².

      Abrasion Cycles: >100,000 cycles.

      Peel Resistance: >80N/3cm.

      Flexing Durability: Over 100,000 cycles at room temperature, over 40,000 cycles at -20°C without damage.

      Quality Assurance

      We implement strict quality control for DenseTech Microfiber Leather, ensuring each batch meets the standards of high-strength physical performance, providing a reliable material solution for the footwear industry.


      Choosing DenseTech Microfiber Leather provides a dual guarantee of durability and safety for your professional outdoor and safety shoes. Whether facing rugged terrains or harsh worksites, DenseTech Microfiber Leather delivers unparalleled performance and durability.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm) 1.8
      Width(cm) ≥137
      Grammage(g/m²) 660-800
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm) Warp Direction  ≥500
      Weft Direction  ≥450
      Elongation at Break(%) Warp Direction 100%
      Weft Direction 200%
      Tearing Strength (N) Warp Direction  ≥80
      Weft Direction  ≥100
      Peel Strength (N/3cm) ≥80

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        Experience the strength of DenseTech Microfiber Leather, tailored for crafting robust outdoor and safety footwear.

        With a thickness ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 mm, it offers unparalleled durability to withstand the rugged landscapes of South America. Tested to surpass 100,000 abrasion cycles, this material ensures your shoes endure the toughest terrains, providing reliable support for your adventures in the Andes or the Amazon rainforest.

        In the Middle East, where resilience is valued, DenseTech Microfiber Leather stands as the epitome of durability for professional outdoor and safety footwear.

        With a tensile strength exceeding 500 kgf/cm², it offers unmatched structural integrity even in the harshest environments. Its abrasion resistance surpasses 100,000 cycles, making it the ideal choice for enduring the challenging terrains and extreme conditions prevalent in the Middle Eastern landscape.

        Step into the world of high-performance footwear with DenseTech Microfiber Leather, designed to meet the rigorous demands of Europe’s outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

        With a peel resistance exceeding 80N/3cm and flexibility tested over 50,000 bends at varying temperatures, it ensures superior adhesion and lasting comfort. Crafted to endure over 100,000 abrasion cycles, DenseTech Microfiber Leather guarantees reliability and safety for every step taken in Europe’s diverse landscapes.

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