Item NO: 000903-Chicago

DuraSport Microfiber Leather

Item NO:000903-Chicago
Product NameDuraSport Microfiber Leather
IngredientsPu: 50% Nylon fiber: 50%
Surface and Base FabricPU+ Microfiber Nylon
ApplicationOutdoor Shoes,Safety Shoes,Sneakers
MOQ500 meter/model/color
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      DuraSport Microfiber Leather is a high-end synthetic leather material specifically designed for the production of professional sports shoes. Its outstanding physical properties, including exceptional hardness, high peel strength, elevated fracture and tear characteristics, along with over 24 hours of water resistance, make it the ideal choice for competitive sports shoes such as professional football, basketball, volleyball, and racing shoes.

      Exceptional Hardness:

      With a hardness index reaching 70 Shore D, ensuring stable support for the shoe upper, suitable for high-intensity sports.

      High Peel Strength:

      Peel strength test results exceeding 70 N/3cm, significantly higher than the average level of other synthetic materials in the market.

      High Fracture and Tear Characteristics:

      Fracture strength surpassing 50 MPa, providing excellent shoe body strength.

      Tear strength reaching 100 N/3cm, effectively resisting tearing under extreme usage conditions.

      Over 24 Hours of Water Resistance:

      Stable material structure even after 24 hours of water resistance testing, showing no significant performance decline.


      Especially suitable for the production of professional sports shoes such as football, basketball, volleyball, and racing shoes.

      Technical Specifications:

      Material: Advanced microfiber with outstanding physical properties.

      Hardness Index: 70 Shore D.

      Peel Strength: 70 N/3cm.

      Fracture Strength: 50 MPa.

      Tear Strength: 100 N/3cm.

      Water Resistance Performance: No significant performance decline after 24 hours of testing.

      Environmental Commitment:

      Actively adopting environmental measures to reduce waste emissions, providing an eco-friendly material choice.

      Quality Assurance:

      Strict quality control for all products, ensuring they meet high-quality standards.


      Choosing DuraSport Microfiber Leather means opting for a high-performance material designed specifically for professional sports shoes. Our products are the ideal choice to ensure athletes achieve their best performance on the field.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm)1.2
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm)Warp Direction≥190
      Weft Direction≥170
      Elongation at Break(%)Warp Direction90%
      Weft Direction130%
      Tearing Strength (N)Warp Direction≥100
      Weft Direction≥90
      Peel Strength (N/3cm)≥80

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