Item NO: 000998-1-Venus

FlexiThick Microfiber Leather

Item NO: 000998-1-Venus
Product Name FlexiThick Microfiber Leather
Ingredients Pu: 50% Nylon Fiber:50%
Thickness(mm) 2.0
Width(cm) 137
Surface and Base Fabric PU + Nylon Fiber
Application Sofa
Position /
MOQ 500 meter/model/color
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      FlexiThick Microfiber Leather is an innovative material with outstanding performance and versatile applications, providing a new choice for the furniture and decoration industries. Its unique 2.0mm thickness, combined with resilience and soft, comfortable texture, along with highly realistic leather grain, makes it an ideal alternative to genuine calf leather.

      Resilience and Soft Touch

      With a resilience rate of over 90%, it maintains its shape and texture even after long-term use.

      Softness testing indicates a 30% increase compared to standard microfiber leather, approaching the feel of genuine calf leather.

      Wear and Flexibility

      Wear resistance surpasses traditional microfiber leather by 20% after 10,000 tests.

      Flexibility testing shows no significant wear or breakage after 100,000 folds.

      Cost Efficiency

      Costs 50% less than genuine leather of the same thickness, reducing scrap rates by approximately 15% and enhancing production efficiency.


      Furniture Manufacturing: Particularly suitable for crafting high-end sofas and chairs with its 2.0mm thickness, providing comfort comparable to genuine leather.

      Bedside Soft Packages: With a texture authenticity rating of up to 95%, it offers a luxurious appearance and feel.

      Decoration Purposes: Suitable for various indoor decorations, demonstrating outstanding durability and aesthetics.

      Technical Specifications

      Material: Premium custom ultra-fine fiber leather, 2.0mm thickness.

      Resilience Rate: Over 90%.

      Wear Resistance: 20% higher than traditional microfiber leather.

      Flexibility Testing: No damage after 100,000 folds.


      FlexiThick Microfiber Leather, with its special 2.0mm thickness, genuine calf leather-like texture, and high cost-efficiency, emerges as the preferred material for the furniture and decoration industries. It not only provides excellent comfort and durability for high-end furniture but also significantly reduces costs, making it an ideal choice for innovation and cost-effectiveness.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm) 2.0
      Width(cm) 137
      Grammage(g/m²) 1079
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm) Warp Direction  ≥880
      Weft Direction  ≥540
      Elongation at Break(%) Warp Direction 85%
      Weft Direction 145%
      Tearing Strength (N) Warp Direction  ≥135
      Weft Direction  ≥150
      Peel Strength (N/3cm) ≥60

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        In South America, our latest offering, the FlexiThick Microfiber Leather, is tailored to meet the demands of crafting exquisite sofas.

        With its substantial 2.0mm thickness and premium ultra-fine fiber, this leather promises unparalleled comfort and durability for your sofas. Designed to resonate with the discerning taste of South American consumers, it ensures both plushness and longevity, elevating the standard of sofa craftsmanship in the region.

        In the Middle East, we proudly present the FlexiThick Microfiber Leather, an epitome of luxury and sophistication in sofa manufacturing.

        Boasting a generous 2.0mm thickness and crafted from premium ultra-fine fiber, this leather guarantees unmatched comfort and endurance for your sofas. Tailored to meet the refined preferences of Middle Eastern consumers, it embodies opulence and resilience, setting a new benchmark for sofa excellence in the region.

        In Europe, our newest offering, the FlexiThick Microfiber Leather, heralds a new era of elegance and durability in sofa design.

        With its substantial 2.0mm thickness and premium ultra-fine fiber construction, this leather delivers unparalleled comfort and resilience for your sofas. Crafted to resonate with the sophisticated sensibilities of European consumers, it embodies luxury and durability, redefining the standards of sofa craftsmanship across the continent.

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