Item NO: 001015-EQUINOX

Microfiber Recycled Leather

Item NO: 001015-EQUINOX
Product Name Microfiber Recycled Leather
Ingredients Pu: 29%  Nylon fabric: 20%   Recycled cowhide: 51%
Thickness(mm) 1.5
Width(cm) ≥137
Surface and Base Fabric Microfiber+Recycled cowhide
Application Casual Shoes,Sneakers
Position Upper
MOQ 500 meter/model/color
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      Microfiber Recycled Leather is a revolutionary fabric that successfully combines eco-friendly recycled cowhide with PU coating technology. In today’s pursuit of fashion and sustainability, our product offers a fresh choice dedicated to reshaping the future of the leather industry.

      Innovative Eco-Recycling Process

      Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Eco-NanoRe Leather achieves up to 85% recovery rate of cowhide powder, transforming these waste materials into high-quality recycled fabrics. Compared to traditional leather manufacturing, our process reduces water pollution by 90%, showcasing a deep commitment to the environment.

      Environmentally Friendly and Durable Fabric Design

      In Microfiber Recycled Leather, the genuine leather content exceeds 50%, increasing its versatility by 40% compared to traditional leather. This material not only retains the aesthetic and comfort of natural leather but also exhibits excellent durability and adaptability typical of microfiber materials.

      Addressing Traditional Leather Waste Issues

      In traditional leather production, irregular fabric widths lead to waste rates as high as 20%. Eco-Microfiber Leather, through standardized production, reduces this figure to below 5%, significantly enhancing material utilization.

      Wide Range of Applications

      Microfiber Recycled Leather has a broad range of applications and can be used to produce various casual and sports footwear products. In the footwear market, our fabric has been adopted by over 100 brands, serving as an efficient substitute for genuine leather.


      The cost of Microfiber Recycled Leather is only one-third of traditional genuine leather of equivalent thickness, providing consumers with an economical and environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, due to its outstanding durability, maintenance costs over the long term are significantly reduced.


      Microfiber Recycled Leather represents the future of the leather industry. It is not just a product but also a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. We believe that through relentless efforts and innovation, we can bring more high-quality, eco-friendly, and cost-effective leather products to global consumers, ushering in a new era of sustainable development.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm) 1.5
      Width(cm) ≥137
      Grammage(g/m²) 600-900
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm) Warp Direction  ≥550
      Weft Direction  ≥350
      Elongation at Break(%) Warp Direction 70%
      Weft Direction 140%
      Tearing Strength (N) Warp Direction  ≥90
      Weft Direction  ≥70
      Peel Strength (N/3cm)  ≥60

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        A New Era of Sustainable Leather for South America!

        Eco-Microfiber Leather: A New Era of Sustainable Leather for South America! Our unique Eco-NanoRe Leather technology combines eco-friendly recycled cowhide powder with PU coating, bringing you high-quality, environmentally friendly, and durable leather products. Our innovative production process reduces water pollution by 90% and increases material utilization, achieving the optimal balance of performance and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s sports shoes or casual footwear, our Eco-Microfiber Leather adds a competitive edge to your products.

        Perfect Blend of Fashion and Sustainability in the Middle East!

        We are committed to providing high-quality, eco-friendly, and cost-effective leather products for our Middle Eastern customers. Through our advanced Eco-NanoRe Leather technology, we transform cowhide waste into premium recycled fabrics while reducing water pollution by 90%. Our products not only offer the texture and comfort of natural leather but also the superior durability and adaptability of microfiber materials, making them perfect for various footwear applications and meeting the dual demands of fashion and sustainability in the Middle East market.

        Leading the Green Fashion Revolution in Europe!

        Our leather products rival traditional leather in texture and comfort while making a profound commitment to the environment through eco-friendly technology and innovative processes. The Eco-NanoRe Leather technology transforms discarded cowhide into high-quality recycled fabrics, reducing water pollution by 90% and significantly increasing material utilization. Adopted by over 100 brands, our products offer a sustainable choice for the European market, catering to the growing demand for environmentally responsible options.

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