Item NO: 000777-Black King

TPU Leather

Item NO: 000777-Black King
Product Name TPU Leather
Ingredients TPU: 100%
Thickness(mm) 1.2
Width(cm) 137
Surface and Base Fabric TPU
Application Safety Shoes,Sneakers
Position Reinforcement
MOQ 500 meter/model/color
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      TPU Leather, as a trailblazer in future material innovations, offers outstanding performance and a multitude of versatile applications, providing limitless possibilities across numerous industries. Whether you’re manufacturing safety shoes, protective footwear, outdoor shoes, bicycle saddles, or motorcycle seats, TPU Leather delivers compelling results.

      High Scratch and Abrasion Resistance

      The remarkable scratch and abrasion resistance of TPU Leather is truly impressive. Rigorous testing has shown its enduring capability in abrasion tests, enduring thousands of scratches while maintaining excellent appearance. This means your shoes or cushions will remain durable, even in the most challenging environments.

      Extreme Cold Resistance and Flexibility

      TPU Leather is not limited by seasons. It maintains its performance even in extreme low temperatures, ensuring reliability in freezing winters and scorching summers. Moreover, its exceptional flexibility allows it to withstand the test of time, without cracking or breaking under regular use. You can rely on TPU Leather to provide long-term protection for your products.

      Versatile Applications

      TPU Leather finds extensive applications across various fields. As a reinforcement material for the toes and uppers of safety shoes, protective footwear, and outdoor footwear, it offers outstanding protection and comfort, ensuring safety and ease during work or outdoor activities. Additionally, it can be compounded with genuine leather and other materials, offering shoe manufacturers more choices and innovation possibilities. TPU Leather is also used in bicycle and motorcycle saddles, enhancing stability and comfort for riders due to its exceptional stability.

      Key Metrics

      After over 5000 abrasion tests, the appearance and performance of TPU Leather remain unchanged.

      Even at extreme low temperatures (-20°C), TPU Leather retains its elasticity and durability.

      TPU Leather undergoes 200,000 bending tests without any signs of damage.

      Manufacturers achieve higher production efficiency when using TPU Leather due to its durability, reducing scrap rates.

      Cyclists and motorcyclists report increased comfort and stability after using TPU Leather for their saddles, reducing discomfort during rides.


      TPU Leather stands out for its durability, stability, and versatility, offering exceptional performance across various application areas. Whatever your requirements, TPU Leather can meet them, ensuring your products are durable, high-performing, and provide unmatched user experiences. Choose TPU Leather to empower your products, enhancing quality and reliability.

      Product feature manual

      Thickness (mm) 1.2
      Width(cm) 137
      Grammage(g/m²) 780-800
      Tensile Strength(N/3cm) Warp Direction ≥250
      Weft Direction ≥200
      Elongation at Break(%) Warp Direction 250%
      Weft Direction 300%
      Tearing Strength (N) Warp Direction ≥45
      Weft Direction ≥53
      Peel Strength (N/3cm) ≥30

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        Explore the beauty of South America and discover the excellence of TPU Leather.

        As your reliable supplier for leather footwear, we are committed to providing you with high-quality materials to ensure your products stand out in the market. TPU Leather not only boasts outstanding abrasion resistance and cold resistance but also performs exceptionally well in the hot summers and cold winters of South America. Choose TPU Leather to elevate both the texture and comfort of your shoes.

        In the Middle East region, TPU Leather is the ideal choice for crafting exquisite leather footwear.

        Our TPU Leather not only exhibits remarkable abrasion resistance and cold resistance but also possesses exceptional flexibility to withstand the test of time. Whether in the scorching desert or the chilly winter, you can trust TPU Leather to provide reliable protection for your products. Choose TPU Leather to make your shoes stand out in the Middle Eastern market.

        European leather footwear manufacturers, the material you are looking for is right here.

        TPU Leather is the key material for achieving high-quality shoes. Our TPU Leather undergoes rigorous testing and excels in abrasion resistance and cold resistance, ensuring stability and comfort for your shoes in both hot summers and cold winters. Choose TPU Leather to add a touch of European quality to your products.

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